Friday, September 30, 2011

Sigma Palettes! Bare, Dare, & Flare

Sigma Eyeshadow Palettes

I purchased all three eyeshadow palettes from Sigma. I have not used them yet, other than to swatch and play around with. So far, I am in love with them! I love the colors, the brushes, and even the packaging (which has been called bulky.) You get a dual-ended brush in each palette. What really surprised me was that each end is different ... in every palette. In other words, it is like you are getting 6 brushes, that's right, SIX. That is so awesomely amazing in itself. I did the swatches over a NYX whte eyeshadow base that I had applied to my skin beforehand. I am anxious to use these palettes and give an in depth review on them.

Bare (with E30 & E25)

From left to right:, these colors are: Shine (matte black with silver glitter), Control (matte black), Snoop (matte taupe), Hitch (matte brown), Act (beige shimmer), Command (peach-gold shimmer), Elope (light matte pinky-peach), & Approach (shimmery cream.)

Dare with (E20 & E45)

From left to right: Surrender (matte maroon with pink glitter), Grasp (coral shimmer), Chase (light matte pink), Escape (shimmery almost iridescent beige-y  pink), Reveal (copper shimmer), Catch (matte brick red), Shout (matte orange yellow), & Vanish (orange gold shimmer).


Flare (with E55 & E40)

From left to right: Crush (matte brown), Oversee (teal shimmer), Define (gold lime shimmer), Publicize (light matte peach), Resist (matte burgundy with pink glitter), Gossip (matte eggplant), Allure (matte violet), & Beware (pale pink).

As soon as I have time to thoroughly use the Sigma palette, you can expect a review on my YouTube channel. I may do a tutorial as well, especially if requested. Thanks so much for reading guys! I hope my swatches helped some of you that may have interest in the palettes. They seem to be a good buy considering the quality looks great, as well as having a dual-ended brush included.